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Your Patients, Our Mission. We Engineer Healthcare Because Uncompromising Care Matters.

RED-EHS is the premier tablet based patient, staff and inventory management system for Long Term Care, Home Health and Correctional facilities in the US. As a true mobile platform, RED-EHS is focused on helping facilities elevate patient care priorities by extending the reach of their existing electronic health record capabilities. In addition, RED-EHS is the only company to guarantee 100% inventory control utilizing our proprietary LTE based medical supply Smart Dispensing machines. From the facility to the cloud, to the tablet and to the dispensing machine … RED-EHS provides facilities with an all-inclusive system for a fraction of the cost of a comparable primary care based solution. RED-EHS is the total solution for advanced mobile point of care patient management.

RED-EHS is the most Beautiful, User Friendly and Powerful Professional Patient & Facility Management System anywhere.

RED-EHS is full featured system designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use, resembling user experiences familiar in social media sites. No matter what the experience level of your staff, concerns are relieved at first sight. RED-EHS provides the user with a simplified, visual and intuitive approach to managing health information in a way that allows your staff to focus on patient care not learning the system.

You’ve already invested your
resources on an EHR for your
facility, but your staff still has
to fill out a stack of paper forms!
Paper forms cause a headache for everyone at your facility.
They are cumbersome to update, file, track and fax. That does
not even include the nightmare of searching for misplaced
forms during an audit. Filing and managing correct
documentation proves to be an increasingly challenging aspect
of your business and detracts from patient care and improving
your facility. Even if you have already converted your facility to
an expensive EHR, the thought of converting hundreds of forms
into a digital format is enough to intimidate anyone. Is this what
you expected from your modern healthcare solution?
RED-EHS’s custom Form Builder makes going paperless simple!
RED-EHS electronically captures patient information using the RED-EHS platform, the foundation of our personalized, intuitive,
simplified, healthcare solution. The Custom Form Builder makes the transition to electronic records painless. RED-EHS places
your forms in our system--that is what makes RED-EHS so unique. We’re not forcing your staff to follow an unfamiliar or
complicated documentation process. Your existing forms are converted into digital documents and made available in the cloud or
on our LTE based mobile tablets. You can enter the same data you have always collected and that information is then uploaded in
real time to our HIPAA compliant cloud for efficient management. This allows for a completely reinvented, more responsive
healthcare infrastructure. Additionally, RED-EHS allows you to print or fax directly from the tablet on your existing formatted
paperwork, even allowing for digital signature capture. RED-EHS Technologies bridges together your existing protocol and your
EHR system, allowing you to leverage the RED-EHS cloud-based services to improve patient data quality and accuracy,
streamline business operations and ensure that the future of your facilities will be automated, scalable, and secure. When your
staff begins to spends less time on paperwork, you will see widespread increases in the rate of successful outcomes.
It’s your forms …
only paperless!
Your existing documentation is
uploaded to the RED-EHS platform
to be accessed from the cloud or
on our LTE based mobile tablets for
easy capturing of patient or
program information.
Collecting data
made simple ...
Choose from one of our pre-built
forms or build your own form
scratch. With drag-and-drop fields
and conditional logic, you can
create completely custom forms
seconds--no programming required.
... and Fax directly
from your tablet.
Collected information can be
printed or faxed directly from the
tablet or through the cloud.
RED-EHS can even print directly to
your facilities existing paperwork.
Comprehensive Reporting Tools
At the heart of the RED-EHS reporting system is the ability to
manipulate patient information in real time using our Live Data
architecture to acquire reporting detail faster and easier than
ever before. RED-EHS removes the complexity of information
overload and presents the reports within a clean, logical, and
easy to use interface. Intuitive and focused content minimizes
training and provides caregivers the tools required for improved
patient outcomes.

Multiple-location facilities and communities of all sizes can
connect using RED-EHS’s scalable architecture to view and
share data. That means one complete chart per patient,
accessible in real time to all providers for easier patient and
facility management.
Take ownership of your Staff Productivity
Managing your facility is a time consuming and nerve wracking job, which not only requires
professional competence but managerial skills too. You need to manage your patients, personal staff,
supplies and ensure compliance demands. RED-EHS solves some of these issues through its ability
to manage staff tasks, helping to increasing productivity and ensure a sound accounting through
extensive use of agenda based tasks. These tasks, integrated within the RED-EHS system are
instrumental in assessing the daily output of employees and ensure the completion of their
assignments. RED-EHS streamlines your routine tasks into an electronic to-do list and provides a
single, structured point of access to your common work activities: signing encounters, documentation,
receiving reminders, communicating with staff and more. RED-EHS communication options include
text or voice messages, documents, images and even video. With RED-EHS, you'll spend less time
worrying about your staff and more time on patient care.

Enhance Your Bottom Line with RED-EHS InStock
RED-EHS InStock helps facilities adopt a secure, automated, cost-effective system for dispensing
medical equipment supplies. This value-added inventory program is available at no cost to qualifying
facilities and ensures the right items are available for the patient at the point of care. RED-EHS
InStock saves money by substantially reducing your costs for medical equipment supplies, controls
inventory shrinkage and eliminates the administration burden. RED-EHS is the only system that can
offer 100% control over inventory loss with its built in inventory tools and the additional RED-EHS
InStock LTE based medical supply dispensing machine.
Features that matter
Facility management
Whether you have one, or one thousand facilities,
RED-EHS provides powerful tools necessary for you to manage each of your facilities and deploy resources across your network. You can control the operations from a central location or allow each facility to manage their resources individually.
Manage patient information
Complete patient medical record information. Quick view patient details in the patient timeline or activity feed.
Assign profiles to each of your patients, allowing you to manage large groups of patients easily.
Set patient parameters across your facilities or manage each patient individually to ensure patient and facility compliance. You can also set custom alerts to ensure that each critical event receives the attention it deserves.
Inventory & Device management
Manage your medical consumables and your medical devices effectively in one place. RED-EHS incorporates a proprietary communication protocol that talks to smart medical devices, maintaining device settings during deployment, capturing documentation required for compliance and two way communications directly with your patients.
Patient Alerts
RED-EHS auto alerts ensure that a caregiver receives
a notification when a patient requires immediate
attention, documentation needs to be addressed or to
check that a patients testing regiment follows
compliance. The automated system alerts provide the assurance of uncompromised attention to patient care, allowing you to have control over patient issues
The advanced RED-EHS system provides
comprehensive staff in services to be accessed from
the tablet. Whether you have a new staff member or an existing staff member that needs to brush up on how to
use the system, they staff members can access the
in-service videos from the tablet at the convenience of
their own schedule and on their own timeframe.
Simplified Setup
Implementing RED-EHS is incredibly easy. If you are concerned about entering your facilities patient records for the first time to get your site up and running … don’t worry about it! All patient documentation and initial patient records are entered onsite by a RED-EHS support specialist.
Data Exchange
RED-EHS supports file exchange formats for the exchanging of information to and from facility approved software vendors. Information can be imported and exported ensuring that RED-EHS provides an add on solution to your current facilities systems.
Peace of Mind Security
Hardened servers, 256 bit SSL encryption and full HIPAA/HITECH compliance. In short, you can focus
less on security issues and more on patient care
initiatives. RED-EHS provides peace of mind security
for your sensitive information.
... combining the great style and user experience todays users
demand with the features professionals require.
If you are interested in finding out how RED-EHS can help your organization, drop us a line and let us know. We’re always excited to
hear from new, potential partners.
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